Digitalisation in university continuing education:

Technology, content and pedagogy

eucen’s Autumn Seminar 2016 will focus on digitalisation in university continuing education, understood as the increased use of new media in the context of lifelong learning.

Several factors that enable the process of digitalisation of education should be considered  by university lifelong learning practitioners for example the increasing use of digital tools in the everyday life which has had an influence on the way of learning. Learning is no longer restricted to the pedagogy used by the instructor.

Nowadays,  finding time for training is always more of a challenge. Distance learning (whether partial or full time) is interesting in terms of saving time and money. It is also valuable in terms of flexibility, as one can decide when to study.

Additionally, digitalisation of learning is a way to skip geographical barriers as it opens up to international audiences without traveling costs and without the logistics of having to gather in the same place. In societies with an aging population , the number of local students will not increase in the coming years. However, in other places of the planet, population is increasing in parallel to their economic level, which means that the demand for university education will also rise.

Digitalisation of education is an interesting answer to these issues.


Which would be the next steps?

  • Do we transform all programmes into the distance courses? Do we analyse, case by case, when an online solution is useful or not?
  • When we talk about distance or mobile learning, are there any changes in the way of teaching? Is the learning process the same? How do we assess the learning outcomes?
  • How do we measure quality in distance learning programmes?

The main goals of the 2016 eucen autumn seminar are to:

  • Tackle the main challenges of the process of digitalisation of University Continuing Education programmes by the keynote speakers;
  • Exchange methods and practices on this process;
  • Feed practice via research perspectives and results.


The Autumn Seminar is structured to stimulate dialogue, gather new ideas and work together towards new projects and collaborations.

On the first day

Keynotes speakers will launch the topic, this will be a great opportunity to discuss today issues of digitalisation of university continuing education in Europe.

You have the chance to present your work – in close connection with the seminar topic – and discuss it with colleagues during the poster session.

To end the day, an optional seminar dinner for pleasant networking.

On the second day

A researcher and an experienced practitioner will both present their own work on the topic of transferability of  training into the workplace and the evaluation of the impact of the training on professionals’ career. The presentations will give a crossed view on this aspect of evaluation.

The brainstorming session that follows the presentations i will provide an opportunity to challenge the researcher and the practitioner through dialogue in order to gain new perspectives for our everyday activities.

The Learning Café of the afternoon, in three strands, will give:

  • inputs about pedagogical strategies and digital learning in the design phase of a programme;
  • views about learning environments, digital tools and assessment;
  • a more global view on quality in digital learning.

The last part of the seminar is a hands-on workshop “Test the tools” giving you the chance to discover results and experience tools developed in several national or European projects on the overarching topic of digital learning and teaching.

If you have any questions, please contact the eucen Secretariat at



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